Covid-19 Information


Updated 19th July 2021


As the government moves to the final stage of the ‘Roadmap’ so that all legal restrictions are removed, we are still following a level of restrictions in the Home, working with government guidance on visiting in care homes. This is especially important, as we see high levels of infection within our local communities.

Residents will continue to have nominated visitors, however the limit of how many nominated visitors has now been lifted – we have reviewed the government advice and undertaken our own risk assessments and have updated our policy accordingly. It is recommended that all visitors are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please contact us to discuss this further.

We will continue to operate an appointment system for the time being. Nominated visitors can visit together or separately, and each appointment will be 30 mins long. The visitor(s) will need to arrive in advance of their appointment to allow time for our health screening. A COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test will need to be taken – this can either be done at home, and the result shown to us on arrival, or done at the Home – please arrive in enough time to do this and wait 30 minutes for the result, in advance of your appointment.

We are trying to accommodate as many visits as possible, please contact us to book your appointment. During the visit, visitors will need to continue to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) which will be provided by us on your arrival. Staff in the Home will also continue to use PPE on a day-to-day basis.

The visits will continue take place in the resident’s room rather than any communal areas – this is to ensure that we can follow our cleaning procedures after the visit and limit any risk to other residents. As we are experiencing lovely weather, visits can also take place in the garden. Visits in the outdoor visiting pod, and at windows will continue as before. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout this period. We have loved welcoming back visitors into the Home, and we are pleased these restrictions have relaxed further. However, we would urge everyone to exercise caution as we see restrictions lift, as we work hard to keep all our residents, visitors, and staff safe.

Becoming an Essential Care Giver

All residents (or their families/POA if they don’t have mental capacity to make that decision) can now choose one person as an ‘essential care giver’. This key visitor should be someone who they feel is “key” to their wellbeing (physical or emotional), and who helps them feel “happier and well”.

The key visitor will be able to visit them more often, flexibly and for longer periods, as well as being able to continue visiting even when there is an outbreak, or the resident is in isolation (e.g. following discharge from hospital).

In the government guidance, they call this key visitor an ‘essential care giver’ but this doesn’t mean that they have to provide any type of personal or practical care (although this may be agreed in discussion with the care home).

Because more frequent and flexible visiting carries more risk, the key visitor will need to agree to have the same testing as care home staff (one PCR test and two lateral flow tests a week) and follow the same infection control procedures as them.

Please contact the Home Manager to discuss this further. 

Visits outside of the Home

Government guidelines have now been adapted to allow residents to visit outside of the Home. Each visit needs to undertake a risk assessment, which we need to document in the Home. Please contact us to discuss this further and get these visits planned in.


In-person showarounds

We are pleased that we are now able to accommodate in-person showarounds for enquirers considering our Home. We understand that selecting a new home for either yourself or a relative can be a hard decision, and an in-person showaround is fundamental in allowing you to view the potential Home, meeting key members of the team and allow you to ask any questions and alleviate any concerns.

The visit is by appointment only – please contact us to book this in. Each appointment will be for 1 person at a time, or 2 people from the same household bubble.

All showarounds are subject to a COVID-19 lateral flow test in advance of the visit – this can either be done at home, and the result shown to us on arrival, or done at the Home, where you’ll need to wait 30 minutes for the result before you are able to come into the Home. During the visit, visitors will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) which will be provided by the Home on your arrival.

We have undertaken risk assessments and set up specific areas / routes in the Home which makes this safer for our residents, so you may not be able to see all aspects of the Home at this time, but we will show you as much as possible, and please discuss if you have any specific concerns, which we will endeavour to accommodate.